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Notarial services

Make the process as convenient as possible

Avoid the hassle of in-person meetings and get your notarization completed remotely in a secure environment.

Еnterprise-grade all-in-one solution

Streamline operations to help notaries connect with clients and complete notarizations with comprehensive, national solutions.

Safe and secure notarization

Reduce fraud and security risks targeting high-value transactions with trusted external identities security.

Make it incredibly easy

Provide a seamless experience for all users, from administrators to notary registrations to starting a RON session, while signers easily complete the process with guided workflows.

Speed ​​up the contract drafting process

Lead your digital transformation and deliver higher value per purchase. Get the resources to grow quickly with a trusted support team to help you succeed.

Get Convincing Electronic Evidence

Receive the recording along with a single audit trail that details the events during the notary session.

Today's clients are driving business in a Web3 world and are increasingly looking to enter into agreements – even notarized ones – digitally. With more than 1 billion documents notarized each year in the United States, organizations have an opportunity to accelerate the digital transformation of notarization to facilitate growing customer expectations for digital processes. Audety Notary enables organizations to accommodate both in-person and remote online notarizations (RON).

Notaries can verify the identity of signers using two-factor authentication, collect electronic signatures, and notarize agreements all in a secure and trusted environment.

Virtual Room helps organizations guide customers through multi-step transactions and agreements, while verifying the identity of all parties, and collecting electronic signatures - all in a highly secure virtual space.

Customers get the peace of mind of engaging with a real person ensuring their confidence in the interaction. Enterprise organizations get to securely help their customers through complex agreements building trust and loyalty with enhanced customer experiences and higher completion rates.

Wealth management: Estate planning, investment transfers, beneficiary changes, retirement distributions, trust openings.

Auto finance: Car title transfers, lien releases, vehicle certificates of ownership.

Insurance: Total loss claims, payment redirects, adjuster licensing.

Legal: Affidavits, powers of attorney, deeds, commercial lease contracts, waivers.

Embed e-signing functionality to your website, mobile app, and core systems using our open REST API and SDKs. Our API and SDKs include everything required to ensure rapid development and deployment such as support for common programming languages, complete documentation, sample code, common document formats like Microsoft Word documents or PDF documents, and more.

OneSpan Notary assists with mitigating the risk of fraud compared to traditional notarizations by protecting notaries, signers, and underlying agreements with:

• Strong identity proofing options like Identity Verification and Knowledge-based Authentication (KBA) to positively identify signers.

• Access to an encrypted videoconferencing session to complete the notarization in real-time.

• Digital signatures applied after each signature to provide tamper-evident documents.

• Built-in security controls with co-browsing that prevent participants from signing on behalf of each other.

How sure are you that you are conducting business with the correct individual in an e-signature transaction? OneSpan Sign provides a strong level of identity assurance in real-time, regardless whether the signatory is known or unknown to the organization. Customers can select from a suite of verification and authentication methods to match their use case, including government ID verification, biometric verification, SMS one-time passcodes (OTPs), shared secrets, knowledge-based authentication (KBA), certificate-based IDs, and more.

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Audety is a real gem! I turned to them for notarizing my documents, and they exceeded my expectations. Professionalism, promptness, and a friendly approach - everything I was looking for.

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith,

Marketing Director

What our client say


Audety lives up to its name. They quickly and efficiently notarized my transaction. I felt in safe hands right from the start.

David Johnson

David Johnson,

Financial Analyst

What our client say


I'm glad I chose Audety for notary services. They showed exceptional attention to detail and helped me with my documents quickly and efficiently.

Emily Davis

Emily Davis,

Executive Secretary

What our client say


Audety sets the highest standard in the world of notary services. I entrusted them with notarizing important documents, and they executed the task with exceptional responsibility and professionalism.

Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson,

Software Developer

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